• Building towards a better understanding of the capabilities of Counter-UAS systems

  • Identifying a set of standard UAS threat scenarios

  • Defining the performance requirements of Counter-UAS systems

  • Developing a standardised Counter-UAS testing methodology

  • Testing the performance of different Counter-UAS systems with the developed methodology

  • Sharing of tests results between all relevant authorities

The Project

The COURAGEOUS project will develop a standardized test methodology for detection, tracking and identification of nefarious drones’ utilising countermeasure systems to protect the lower airspace. This standardized test methodology will be based upon a series of standard user-defined scenarios representing a wide set of use cases.

For these scenarios, operational needs & functional performance requirements will be extracted by the COURAGEOUS end-users. Using this information, an integral test methodology will be developed that allows for a fair qualitative and quantitative comparison between different counter-UAS systems. This test methodology will be validated during three user-scripted validation trials, in Belgium, Greece and Spain.

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